Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Skin Care

Keep skin and hair in tip top condition

As the recent weather forecasts have demonstrated, Winter is now well and truly upon us. But as the wind tangles our hair, the central heating dries out our skin and we lose the number of hours of sunlight, it’s important that we give ourselves a little pampering to keep fresh and glowing over the coming months.

Here are a few top tips to keep skin, hair and nails in peak form during the winter months.

Skin tends to get drier in the cold weather, and as a result of central heating. Make sure that you rehydrate the skin by drinking plenty of fluids and use an organic face serum, to give skin a boost and soften lines and wrinkles.

Keep skin nourished by using a mask after exfoliation once a week and to help close the pores.

Remember that sun protection is still important for the face, even in winter, so keep it simple by using a daily moisturiser with built in sun protection factor.

Nails can suffer in colder weather, so use a rich hand moisturiser every day and cuticle oil once or twice a week.

In windy weather, be sure to use a hair mask or conditioner to help nourish the ends of the hair as these will get dry and split.

Lastly, use a good lip balm to soften and protect the lips from cold weather, wind and the drying effects of central heating.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miracle Wrinkle Buster

Trilogy's Organic Rosehip Oil was crowned the Best Anti-Ager in beauty bible Harper's Magazine. Tests showed it improved skin in 12 weeks and reduced wrinkles by 23%.

Trilogy's oil was on a par with expensive products such as Creme de la Mer's £210 Regenerating Serum and Skinceuticlas £124 CE Ferulic.

The rosehip oil contains high levels of antioxidant vitamins which help skin renewal, and essential fatty acids which hydrate and nourish. It also helps stretch marks and scars.

X factor judge Dannii Minogue and Denise Van Outen are big fans of the range. Harpers beauty experts raved that it was "an organic miracle worker"

News of the World consumer correspondent Sophy said "The oil left my skin feeling very moisturised and the price is great" saw a huge increase in sales over the weekend, however don't worry there is still stock available in the 20ml and 45ml size.

What a great xmas gift idea as well for the young or old. A special treat for anyone.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil 20ml - £16

Trilogy Rosehip Oil 45ml - £28

Source: News of the World Nov 14th

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Instore - Zoya Fire & Ice

Fire and Ice - Winter 2010 Collection

Tiffany, Gloria, Crystal, Lisa, Sara, Valerie

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get the Smoky Eye Look - with this fabulous kit

Step 1:

Use the pure sable brush to wash a base of Silver Dollar across the upper lid, working outwards, pressing the colour onto the skin. You might also like to apply a small amount below the eye in the outer corner, blending gently.

Step 2:

Take Brooklyn Black to add depth to the socket. Apply to the outer edges and blend into Silver Dollar. For additional drama, work the colour onto the upper lid, blending carefully. Press a small amount on the lower lid outer corners, onto the Silver Dollar but leave a hint of the silver shade showing below.

Step 3:

Take the black eyeliner, and gently pull the upper lid taut to ensure a smooth line. Start at the inner corner and draw a line as close to the lashes as possible. A thicker line will create a darker look, or a broader line from the centre to outer corner works really well.

Step 4:

For really smouldering eyes, you can also use the black eyeliner on the lower lid, again work this as close to the lashes as possible, or even draw carefully onto the lip of the lower lid.

I want this kit!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Burt's Bees - New Instore

You having been asking for it, so we now stock the fabulous Burt's Bees natural products.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Sensitive Subject

Sarah Heenan, natural beauty therapist and founder of online organic beauty boutique,, takes a look at the issues around skin sensitivities.

The last decade has seen a dramatic rise in both sensitised skin and allergic reactions. Most skin responses to cosmetics are a result of skin sensitisation, which happens when the ingredients penetrate the skin too quickly and the skin’s natural barrier function is impaired.

Once the product is removed from the skin the reaction will subside. In most instances of skin allergy, the skin can become itchy, inflamed and sore. Many mainstream products made with harsh chemical ingredients and synthetic compounds will exaggerate these symptoms.

Why go natural?

One of the biggest reasons people turn to organic and natural products is because they find high street products over-fragranced and harsh. Organic and natural cosmetics have no harmful chemicals (parabens or petro-chemicals) or artificial fragrances. Quite simply, the ingredients are all chosen to be effective, gentle and to help the skin work naturally.

The good news is that, for people who suffer with sensitive skin, these natural options are unlikely to cause reactions. Today there are hundreds of fantastic organic and natural products available which are just as effective as their high street equivalents. Furthermore, by using these products we are helping to protect our planet for future generations.

Know your ingredients

It is possible that occasionally some people can experience allergies to completely organic ingredients (e.g. sensitivity to certain Essential Oils). Organic and natural brands are very transparent in their communications and include a comprehensive list of ingredients so you can see at a glance what is in the product you are using. Thankfully, for those who are sensitive to essential oils, there are now products free from natural fragrances and herbal flower extracts such as Lavera Neutral and Green People's Organic Base No Scent collection.

Clear labelling also helps with checking the source of ingredients especially with fragrances. For example, Limonene is the term used for the synthetic fragrance, Lemon, but is also the name for Lemon Essential Oil. In order to differentiate, there is usually an asterisk or a comment next to the ingredient, stating ‘from natural essential oils’.

Switching to natural

A few people find that when switching to more natural ingredients they experience a detox period where the body adjusts and the skin may feel uncomfortable or ‘break out’. This usually lasts no longer than a week and once the skin has adjusted it will feel better than ever. It is also important to remember that each of us is individual and hence our skin requirements are very specific. For this reason, Lucy Rose provides customers with both a personal consultation service and the opportunity to 'try before you buy.'

Friday, August 06, 2010

mohdoh - mouldable aromatherapy

mohdoh™ combines three therapeutic elements, proven to produce positive results; aromatherapy, play therapy and colour therapy.

It is these three elements that make mohdoh™ such a powerful holistic therapy. All oils are pure oils and no artificial fragrances are used . Some people may have allergies to certain oils, so care should be taken. Under 3's should be supervised

The dough is NOT tested on animals. mohdoh™ is 100% non-toxic.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Trilogy Skincare Products

Designed around the trilogy of simplicity, purity and vitality, Trilogy is New Zealand’s no.1 natural skin and hair care range.

Recognised for its commitment to environmental and ethical responsibility, this high-performance, fuss free, versatile and accessibly priced range combines the purest Certified Organic Rosehip Oil with powerful natural ingredients for ‘maximum effect on your skin and minimum effect on our environment™ ’.

View the whole Trilogy Skincare range

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Instore - My Age - by Lavera

This Faces range offers rich anti-wrinkle care for noticeably firmer skin, using the powerful natural ingredients of White Tea and Karanja Oil.

This range is an affordable natural anti-ageing range of products which is effective and luxurious.

Certified organic by NaTrue and Vegan Society Certified.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Instore - Simply Gentle

Organic Cotton Wool Products - by Simply Gentle
A range of cotton wool products certified by the Soil Association.

New Instore - ORGANYC

Feminine Hygiene Products - by Organyc

Organyc is ideal for women who want to avoid any contact with synthetic materials on the skin and feel fresh, safe and clean, while choosing a product without any negative effect on the environment.

Over 80% of women who react to contact with plastic and synthetic materials have reported that they prefer Organyc. The natural cotton fibres of Organyc are skin-friendly, breathable and pH neutral.

You will feel the benefits of cotton within the first month of use.

Soil Association Certified. Biodegradable

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Brits choose self-tanning over sunbathing

Many Brits are opting for self-tanning products instead of sunbathing this year, a shopping search engine has reported.

Searches for tanning lotions, sprays and mousses rose by 228% in May in comparison to the number recorded in April.

The change in consumer approach to achieving a sun-kissed glow is a result of bad weather and growing health concerns.

Eight out of ten sunbed users have increased their risk of skin cancer by approximately 75%, according to Cancer Research.

More than 1,800 of the 9,000 cases diagnosed with malignant melanoma each year die from the disease.

Summer is traditionally a time when demand for tanning treatments soar and 2010 is turning out to be no different to any other year, The Reef Salon and Spa reported.
Manager of the Maidstone business Clare Cockell said: “There is definitely a demand now that summer is approaching.”

About half of the customers that come to The Reef for spray tans are regular visitors.
“Most visit us very sporadically, depending on special occasions that come up,” Cockell said.
“But we do have a few clients that visit us possibly weekly or fortnightly that want a continuous tan without the damage of UV rays.”

Despite the increase in information about the potentially fatal and ageing effects of UVA rays, Twenga found consumer searches for tanning oil increased by 127% last month. Meanwhile demand for tan prolonger is up by 65% and searches for tanning pills have surged by 48%.

3 June 2010 By Erin Hendry

Buy your organic self tan and sun block.

Johnson and Johnson - Criminal Penalties

U. S. Food and Drug Administration have confirmed that criminal penalties could be levied against the Johnson & Johnson’s division. It is responsible for a huge recall of pediatric medications.

The agency is mulling additional actions against the Company for its noncompliance which may include seizures, injunction or criminal penalties. The news was confirmed by Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein, FDA's Principal Deputy Commissioner. The evidence collected so far indicated a lot of problems with the Company.

Due to flaws in manufacturing and quality-control procedures, more than 136 million bottles of liquid children's drugs, including Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl were recalled on April 30. It is alleged that these medicines may have been full of inactive ingredients that failed testing, bits of metal or too much active ingredient.

This is not the first time such a recall has been ordered. This has prompted the lawmakers to question the Company’s integrity. It is also responsible for delaying reporting of problems to the FDA.

The agency has referred that latest case to FDA’s office of criminal investigation. This unit works closely with the Justice Department.Senators feel that the actions of the Company reveal that it is deceptive, dishonest and willing to put the health of children at risk. Health experts also feel that despite being such a big Company, it failed to act responsibly and enforce strict quality control.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Inlight Organic Skin Care - New Instore

Inlight organic skincare contains nothing but the finest and most effective organic food-grade and cold-pressed oils, herbs, the purest essential oils and beeswax.

The beauty of Inlight lies in the powerful synergy between these ingredients and the expertise perfected through years of research by Dr Mariano Spiezia, medical doctor, homeopath and herbalist.. Inlight add nothing synthetic or superfluous, including alcohol and water. Inlight products are pure, undiluted goodness.

Inlight meticulously source and blend the very best organic elements, such as cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and delicately scented essential oils chosen for their natural therapeutic and preservative properties.

Being entirely plant-based, the entire skincare range is suitable for vegetarians and the oils are suitable for vegans.

Soil Association Certified.

Check out Inlight Organic Skin Care

Friday, May 28, 2010

Taming 'Afro Hair'

Afro hair can be notoriously difficult to tame but it's not a lost cause. Your hair may look frizzy and dull but you can counteract these complaints by following a haircare regime that flatters Afro hair.

Use targeted products
Haircare products that are specifically formulated for Afro hair are the best option as these are the best suited to your hair. These usually contain moisturising ingredients that care for Afro hair and prevent it from losing essential moisture.

Don't shampoo too often
Afro may look strong, but it's actually quite weak and won't respond well to being washed too regularly. Washing your hair too often strips its natural oils and makes Afro hair more brittle and prone to breakage. Washing your hair once a week will keep it clean without making it too dry and gives your hair chance to recover between washes.

Some women with Afro hair prefer to forgo shampoo altogether and wash their hair with a deep conditioner instead. This keeps your hair nourished without stripping away natural oils.

When you're washing your hair, take care not to let your hair get too tangled. Instead of piling your hair on top of your head when massaging in the shampoo, let your hair fall naturally and work the shampoo down the length of your hair.

Condition regularly
When it comes to keeping Afro hair looking and feeling good, intensive moisturising is essential. Afro hair tends to become dry very quickly so it needs to be kept as moisturised as possible. Intensive conditioning balms and leave-in conditioners can be good for adding moisture.

Whatever type of conditioner you choose to use, moisturise your hair twice a week to stop it becoming too dry between washes and to help you to detangle your hair more easily.
Hot oil treatments work well if they are left on for thirty to forty-five minutes on a monthly basis. You can increase the benefits of a hot oil treatment by heating a towel on the radiator and carefully wrapping this around your head as extra heat helps the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft.

Detangling your hair
Always use a comb to detangle your hair as Afro hair will stretch if it's combed when wet. Separate your hair into small sections using a wide-toothed comb as this will cause the least amount of damage to your hair. Before you try to detangle your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner to make the detangling process easier and reduce the amount of friction.

Trimming the ends of your hair can go a long way towards making it easier to detangle. If Afro hair isn't getting enough moisture, the ends will be extremely dry and this can make it hard to get even a wide-toothed comb through your hair. Chopping off dry ends is often the easiest solution to this problem as the damage has already been done as far as the dry ends go and repairing this is a big ask.

Drying your hair
Leave your hair to dry naturally whenever possible as this will minimise heat damage. Try not to towel-dry your hair too often as rubbing the hair can damage it. Instead, blot your hair with a towel to remove as much excess moisture as possible and then leave it to dry on its own.

Styling your hair
If you're going to put your hair up, don't use elastic bands as these can easily damage Afro hair. Covered bands are better as they create less friction and are less likely to cause damage.

Other tips
If you want to help your hair to retain moisture while you're asleep, try using satin pillowcases as there will be less friction between your hair and the pillow.

Source: Safe Cosmetics

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

New Instore - 100% Organics

The 100% Organics skin care range is a brand-new totally organic skin care range that is taking the world by storm. Formulated by an expert team of skincare specialists in Cornwall the products use the finest organic natural ingredients in the world, from hand-picked Turkish rose petals, to the unique and transformative Madagascan Tamanu oil.

This range is one of only a handful in the world that are 100% organic Soil Association accredited.

The 100% Organics range looks beautiful, smells beautiful and most importantly, genuinely works.

Friday, April 30, 2010

New Instore - Lily Lolo Mineral Make Up

Lily Lolo is an award winning mineral cosmetics range founded by the visionary Vikki Khan. It has achieved cult status by beautifully harmonising natural, chemical free ingredients with the ultimate in mineral based technology.

Every Lily Lolo product is free from harsh chemicals, dyes and fillers and even has antibacterial properties to help improve the skin. The foundations, powders and bronzers give women the flawless, airbrushed complexion they so badly crave.

Check out these great products now:

Foundations, Bronzers, Finishing Powder, Blusher, Concealers, Eye Pencils, Lip Gloss, Kabuki Brush, Eyeshadows.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rosacea is on the rise in the UK

Rosacea affects one tenth of the UK population and that number is rising, says the International Dermal Institute.

However, knowing how to treat the condition could help therapists prevent a rise in incidences of the condition, as the weather gets warmer.

Sally Penford, Education Manager for The International Dermal Institute said: “As a global training institution, The International Dermal Institute sees thousands of therapists every year in training and the general opinion is that incidence is on the increase.”

“The warmer temperatures of summer can irritate and exacerbate the condition further and therapists are likely to find more clients suffering from the condition in coming months.”

Penford advised salons and spas to treat rosacea-prone skin as sensitised and avoid formulations including alcohol, witch hazel, menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus oil, glycerine and heavy weight creams that increase heat in the tissues.

She said: “Try to introduce products that use botanicals such as aloe vera, liquorice, red raspberry and chamomile to help reduce redness.

“These skins would do well with manual lymphatic drainage to increase toxin removal from the tissues and reduce pustular activity.”

The inflammatory skin condition, defined as a vascular disorder, usually affects people between the ages of 30 and 50-years-old.

It causes the facial blood vessels to dilate resulting in redness generally across the cheekbones and nose. Some sufferers develop acne-like symptoms such as facial swelling and spots.

By Sara McCorquodale
April 8, 2010

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Teen Toxing"

A consumer website about injectable safety has warned about the growing trend of UK school children seeking cosmetic injectable treatments.

The Physician’s Coalition for Injectable Safety has spoken out against “teen toxing” or the administration of Botox or other injectable products to individuals under the age of 18 for cosmetic reasons.
“This is a worrying trend that we are all beginning to witness,” said British Association of Cosmetic Doctors regional representative for the Republic and Northern Ireland Dr Patrick Treacy. “Western society has a long obsession with self-improvement.”

The trend gained much notoriety at the beginning at the beginning of March when an article on a mother injecting her teenaged daughter was released in The Sun. The mother first allowed her daughter to have the treatment on holiday in Spain when she was 15 and has since personally administered the treatment twice more.“With regards to the article, the mother is helping her daughter to develop a body dysmorphic disorder rather than providing common sense direction and responsible parenting,” said British Association of Cosmetic Doctors regional representative for Scotland Dr Simon Connolly.

Since the article’s printing, physicians, dermatologists and other practitioners of Botox from numerous countries have spoken out against the procedure for adolescents.
Cadogan Clinic consultant dermatologist Sandeep Cliff explained: “Often their skin is still developing and their features are still developing. I think to manipulate that at a young age is not a good practice at all.”

Aesthetic medicine professionals have said that the administration of Botox is not necessarily suitable for younger individuals. “The preventative benefits of Botox – its ability to prevent lines appearing – should only be contemplated about 12 months before wrinkles appear,” said Treacy. “There is no benefit otherwise and there may be complications of using a medicine with no perceived benefit for one so young. This is comparable to doing a face-lift of a 30-year-old to prevent her face sagging when she is 35.”

With treatments beginning earlier than usual, a teenage patient also runs the risk of becoming addicted to Botox treatments for a longer period of time. Repeat clients would normally be seen positively, but businesses are questioning whether the extra money made from hooking a teenager is worth it.

Cliff said: “Clearly, from the business perspective, it’s good for them, you have a client for life. But from a practical perspective and an ethical perspective, many companies are saying we’re not interested, that’s not what we’re involved with and that’s not what we’re here for.”

Cliff also believes that when an adolescent girl desires such an extreme measure as Botox, a physician may want to think about her motivation before scheduling a treatment.
“If you see a young girl that wants Botox, you really have to question why on earth she wants the injection,” he said. “Is there something going on that we can’t see?”

There are measures that young people should be advised to follow in order to maintain their youthful skin. Libby Eley, expert at Dove Spa explained: “Young girls would be much wiser to keep out of the sun and keep their skin moisturised. Healthy skin that allows the inner person to glow is attractive. Frozen faces in young skin are not attractive.”

Story by Emily Becker
April 1, 2010

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Instore - MÁDARA

MÁDARA comes from Latvia, a small country in Northern Europe, in the Baltic region, which has managed to preserve many unblemished and wild places, as well as a diversity of flowers and grasses.

Northern summers are much shorter and harsher and therefore plants are forced to concentrate all of their energy on the short blossoming period to attract bees and continue their living process during the next summer.

As a result, at the moment of their collection, the blossoms and herbs, which have grown in these latitudes, are especially rich with active substances and extracts that are used in the production of MÁDARA cosmetics. They are powerful and effective.

View the full range of MÁDARA cosmetics

Thursday, March 04, 2010

US Senators accused of scaremongering over "cancer-causing" chemicals

Senators in Colorado asking the state to bring in legislation to combat “cancer-causing” chemicals in personal care products have been accused of scaremongering by a UK cosmetics expert.

Last month senator Betty Boyd and representative Dianne Primavera introduced the Colorado Safe Personal Care Products Act into the Colorado State Legislature. The proposed act would prohibit manufacturers from distributing or selling in Colorado “personal care products that contain known and probably carcinogens and reproductive toxins”. A fine of $5,000 to $10,000 would also be applicable to offending manufacturers.

The Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association director general Chris Flower said that the proposed act does not take into account the fact that regulations requiring cosmetics to be safe already exist in the US and stated that the senators’ action is scaremongering. He said: For a high-profile public figure to come out and say that some cosmetic products are causing cancer and action is needed seems to me to be scaremongering pure and simple.”

Flower added that UK consumers are well protected by the European Cosmetics Directive – now being recast as a Regulation – which requires all cosmetics to be safe; the company must assess and be able to demonstrate that the product is safe before it is marketed. “I don’t know how better consumers could be protected,” he said. “There is no balancing the benefits against the risk – cosmetics must be safe regardless.”

Personal care products are described in the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as “any article intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering a person’s appearance”.

Flower supported the government showing an interest in reassuring consumers that they are being protected but warned that there is always a risk that the interest can become more political than technical.

A hearing will be held for those supporting and opposing the act to have their say.

By Kate Donovan
March 2, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Higher Investment in Personal Care Companies

A sharp rise in investment activity involving natural personal care companies is expected in 2010.

According to Organics Monitor’s new Strategic Insights report, which looks at investments, mergers and acquisitions in the global natural personal care industry, improving economic conditions and easing of capital restrictions are making investors target this high growth sector once again.

Until the financial turbulence began in 2008 the natural personal care industry was a favourite of the investment community. However, Organics Monitor reports that after an 18-month lull period, major deals have restarted, for example, the acquisition of Bare Escentuals by Shiseido in a $1.7 billion deal and the completed purchase of Kibio by Clarins this month.

Organic Monitor director Amarjit Sahota said: “We would not say that natural personal care companies were resilient during the recession, however most companies continued to show growth in 2008 to 2009 albeit at lower growth rates than previous years.

Many companies were reporting growth of above 20% a year but experienced single-digit growth in 2008 and 2009. So we would say natural personal care companies were affected by the recession, but not as badly affected as other personal care companies.”

Organic Monitor predicts further deals as investors are once again pursuing natural personal care companies.

It said that investors are attracted by high market growth rates and profitable product categories and explained that European companies are expected to be involved in major deals in 2010 because of the lack of “investable” companies in North America.

The report stated that the most successful natural personal care companies are those that receive investment and continue to operate as separate entities. Aveda and Burt’s Bees are cited as such companies that have continued to show positive growth. In comparison, those that have been acquired and integrated into larger corporations have not realised their growth potential.

The statement from Organic Monitor said: “A major reason is that natural personal care companies are typically small enterprises with strong ethical values which do not always fit well into larger profit-driven organisations”.

Sahota added: “Increased investment in natural and organic personal care companies will benefit the professional beauty sector by giving more financing to brands that currently focus on this sector. This financing will provide capital for new product development, product improvements and ingredients. It will also provide capital to new start-ups that are developing professional beauty products and provide more funding for marketing and distribution to companies that supply salons and spas.”

By Kate Donovan
February 22, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Instore - PureMAN - by [A'kin]

Men’s skin differs from women’s. It is twice as oily, has larger pores where bacteria gets trapped, can be more irritable due to shaving, dehydrates easily and has 50% more blood flow.

[A'kin] have selected active ingredients and developed formulas targeting these important differences. Each of the [A’kin] PureMAN products contain specially selected active ingredients from botanical sources. The formulations include naturally derived cleansers such as panama bark and a synergistic blend of 5 cleansers derived from coconut and plant botanicals, which are extremely gentle yet thoroughly cleansing for fresh, clean skin and hair.

The powerful soothing benefits of aloe vera as well as pro vitamin B5 will assist in calming skin sensitivities and irritations. Soften and restore skin moisture with natural moisturising factors (NMFs) such as hydrolysed oats, hyaluronic acid, olive extract and aloe vera.

The anti-oxidant benefits of white tea and vitamin E as well as anthyllis flower extract will help protect the skin from environmental damage and promote healthier and younger looking skin.

The [A’kin] PureMAN range energises skin with ginseng, citrus and spice. These ingredients not only provide a light, refreshing and masculine scent, but also have been purposely selected as most suitable for male skin.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Instore - [A'kin] Body Care

[A'kin] natural body care consists of body washes, scrub and moisturisers. Gentler and more luxurious than soap, these body washes are economical and sulfate free; [A'kin] invigorating body scrub is fragranced with the finest sandalwood and sweet orange essential oils, and the body moisturisers include the premier source of omega 3, 6 & 9.

[A’kin] products are made free from sulfates, ethoxylates, parabens, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA and artificial colours.

Check out the full [A'kin] Natural Body Care Range

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Instore - [A'kin] Natural Hair Care

The [A’kin] natural shampoo range works differently from most other shampoos. Their sophisticated combinations of cleansers leave your hair feeling beautiful and extra clean, whilst retaining the essential natural oils and moisture.

[A'kin] natural conditioners feature a new generation GMO free rapeseed oil derived detangler that has proven superior detangling ability and is unequalled in its mildness to both your skin and eyes.

Nourishing ingredients are vitally important in any quality conditioner. [A’kin] conditioners feature generous amounts of natural nourishing ingredients - including cold pressed certified organic Australian grown avocado oil, Australian macadamia oil, Australian jojoba oil and hydrolysed wheat protein (GMO free) - all of which are rapidly absorbed to penetrate, nourish and re-moisturise each shaft of hair very effectively.

Check out all the [A'kin] Natural Hair Products.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Arrival - Green People Make Up Range

Green People has cleverly combined the minerals with plant oils and natural ingredients like Beeswax and Cupuaçu Butter to create a highly effective natural make-up range.

Mineral make-up is perfect for every skin type, even those with skin conditions like rosacea. The minerals' silky lightness provides natural, full coverage without clogging pores. Minerals reflect light off the skin, giving the illusion that it’s smoother and flawless by minimising pores and evening out wrinkles and fine lines - for a softer, more youthful and radiant appearance.

Beware! Many high street "mineral makeup" brands add tons of chemical ingredients, so it’s no longer pure, no less potentially irritating and no closer to improving your skin than any other foundation you pull off the shelf.

Why use Green People’s Eco Mineral Make-up?

• 3 in 1 - our mineral pressed powders work as a foundation, powder and sunscreen all in one!

• Matching the shade with your skin is easy – it blends seamlessly and the minerals reflect and diffuse light to allow your natural colour to shine through

• There’s no chemical ‘nasties’ - free from Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Silicones, Phthalates, Artificial Colours, Not Tested on Animals

See the Green People natural make up range now.

Application Tips:
– Concealer – Apply using your ring finger. Pat on the skin and gently blend moving from the outside corner to the inside corner of the under eye area. Take special care not to stretch the skin!

Mineral Powders - Apply with a brush for a natural coverage and remember to build the base up rather than putting lots on at once. Apply in a buffing motion starting at the outer edges of your cheeks moving inwards, across your forehead and then down over your nose and chin.

Eyes – Smokey Eyes – Apply Fondant shadow starting at the lash line and extending just over the crease. Use Cream shadow to highlight under the eyebrow. Blend Espresso shadow from the outer corner of your lid, blend half way across the eye and up to the crease. For a more dramatic effect use the thin applicator to apply Espresso under the lower lashes. To finish the look apply Volumising mascara to both the upper and lower lashes for full, voluminous lashes.

Lips - starting at the center of the upper lip glide lipstick outward towards one corner. Bring the lipstick back to the center and run it outward to the other corner. Repeat with the lower lip. Blot with tissue to remove excess colour and even out the texture.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Arrival - [A'kin] Natural Skin, Hair & Body Care

In 1987, Will Evans began manufacturing personal hair and skin care products. Will’s vision was to develop pure, effective, luxurious hair and skin care products from natural ingredients.

One year later Will launched the ‘Ultra Natural’ hair care range into health food stores in WA and NSW. In response to customer demand for a more effective pure range of haircare products, [Al’chemy] was developed and test marketed in Western Australia. The new brand quickly grew from loyal customers who wanted less chemicals in their life and in 1994 [Al’chemy] was launched Australia-wide.

Will then moved from Perth to Sydney and established The Purist Company in 1997 from a small factory in Katoomba in the heart of the Blue Mountains. During this time, Will experimented and refined his formulations until he was satisfied that The Purist Company products combined the latest in scientific knowledge with the best ingredients nature can supply.

In 1998, body washes were launched into the Australian marketplace. Easy to use and gentle to the skin, the body wash was developed to replace soap and to be versatile enough to be used as a shower gel, bubble bath and a gentle wash for delicate clothing.

In 2002 the [A’kin] brand was launched and a variety of [A’kin] skin care products were sold in pharmacies and health food stores. With the ever increasing demand for natural and safe products, The Purist Company expanded its distribution base to include TVSN (Australia’s Television Shopping Network), spa retreats, online stores, complementary medical practices and beauty and hairdressing salons.

In 2004, The Purist Company spread to international markets and today exports to the UK, Hong Kong, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Ireland, Dubai, Malaysia and the USA with a view to expanding to new markets in the future.

In 2006 The Purist Company launched in selected David Jones stores Australia-wide.

[A’kin] products are made free from sulfates, ethoxylates, parabens, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA and artificial colours.

[A’kin] products are ingredient-rich, vegan, using certified organic ingredients where possible, 100% natural botanical aromatherapy and formulated without animal ingredients or animal testing.

Checkout the fabulous [Akin] Range: [Akin] Hand Care, [Akin] Skin Care.