Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get the Smoky Eye Look - with this fabulous kit

Step 1:

Use the pure sable brush to wash a base of Silver Dollar across the upper lid, working outwards, pressing the colour onto the skin. You might also like to apply a small amount below the eye in the outer corner, blending gently.

Step 2:

Take Brooklyn Black to add depth to the socket. Apply to the outer edges and blend into Silver Dollar. For additional drama, work the colour onto the upper lid, blending carefully. Press a small amount on the lower lid outer corners, onto the Silver Dollar but leave a hint of the silver shade showing below.

Step 3:

Take the black eyeliner, and gently pull the upper lid taut to ensure a smooth line. Start at the inner corner and draw a line as close to the lashes as possible. A thicker line will create a darker look, or a broader line from the centre to outer corner works really well.

Step 4:

For really smouldering eyes, you can also use the black eyeliner on the lower lid, again work this as close to the lashes as possible, or even draw carefully onto the lip of the lower lid.

I want this kit!

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