Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Skin Care

Keep skin and hair in tip top condition

As the recent weather forecasts have demonstrated, Winter is now well and truly upon us. But as the wind tangles our hair, the central heating dries out our skin and we lose the number of hours of sunlight, it’s important that we give ourselves a little pampering to keep fresh and glowing over the coming months.

Here are a few top tips to keep skin, hair and nails in peak form during the winter months.

Skin tends to get drier in the cold weather, and as a result of central heating. Make sure that you rehydrate the skin by drinking plenty of fluids and use an organic face serum, to give skin a boost and soften lines and wrinkles.

Keep skin nourished by using a mask after exfoliation once a week and to help close the pores.

Remember that sun protection is still important for the face, even in winter, so keep it simple by using a daily moisturiser with built in sun protection factor.

Nails can suffer in colder weather, so use a rich hand moisturiser every day and cuticle oil once or twice a week.

In windy weather, be sure to use a hair mask or conditioner to help nourish the ends of the hair as these will get dry and split.

Lastly, use a good lip balm to soften and protect the lips from cold weather, wind and the drying effects of central heating.

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