Saturday, June 05, 2010

Inlight Organic Skin Care - New Instore

Inlight organic skincare contains nothing but the finest and most effective organic food-grade and cold-pressed oils, herbs, the purest essential oils and beeswax.

The beauty of Inlight lies in the powerful synergy between these ingredients and the expertise perfected through years of research by Dr Mariano Spiezia, medical doctor, homeopath and herbalist.. Inlight add nothing synthetic or superfluous, including alcohol and water. Inlight products are pure, undiluted goodness.

Inlight meticulously source and blend the very best organic elements, such as cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and delicately scented essential oils chosen for their natural therapeutic and preservative properties.

Being entirely plant-based, the entire skincare range is suitable for vegetarians and the oils are suitable for vegans.

Soil Association Certified.

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