Thursday, April 12, 2012

Power of Plantain - by Dr Mariano Spezia

Working from a lab in the remote Cornish countryside, is a constant source of inspiration for me. The Lizard is a wild and beautiful place, and my lunchtime strolls always bring a smile to my face, (especially when the sun shines!).

People are often surprised at how many natural ingredients used in my products grow wild, often within metres of the Inlight front door. Even during the colder months, spear like leaves of Plantain thrusting skyward through the pasture: It is usually considered a weed, as it often grows on lawns and driveways, but it is actually very special.

Historically, Greater Plantain (Plantago Major) was referred to as “Soldier’s Herb” and used on the battlefield as a dressing for wounds. As well as being an effective natural healer, Plantain is often used to reduce swelling and itching from bee stings, insect bites, burns and nettle stings. I have also heard of people lining their socks with Plantain leaves on a hike to prevent blisters developing.

The juice from Plantain leaves is anti-bacterial, and is soothing when applied to burnt or damaged skin. It promotes new cell growth (through cytophylactic action) and contains Silica, which promotes the skin healing process: It is for this reason that I decided to use Plantain, together with other plant extracts, in the Inlight Organic Line Softener. The synergic properties between all these plant extracts, will stimulate skin regeneration, slowing down the ageing process and improving your skin’s health.

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Source: Dr Mariano Spiezia