Friday, March 07, 2008

Your Health is Your Wealth

A recent book on a British self made billionaire who said “he would give all his money back for his health and youth” should make us realise that our health is our biggest asset. With things like cancer and many other diseases increasing at alarming rates, ‘just look at skin cancer’ . Why put our life and body at risk by using products which contain chemicals that can cause it.

Consider this, what can we eat and use that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals but contain ingredients that are good for us.

Cancer disease and how products can help! a recent email in the last few days, which is typical of what we get all the time.

I have been attending Christchurch Hospital's Dermatology Resource Unit for a couple of years for treatment of an ulcer on my back, which developed where I had radiotherapy for a melanoma many years ago.
Nothing the hospital did helped in any way, and they said the only answer was a skin graft. However, when they explained that the reason it would not heal was that blood did not circulate because of the radiotherapy, we ourselves used Bioflow boost buttons, which immediately gave an improvement, and the ulcer started to heal.
Recently we have also used the Therapeutics Extra Rich Moisturising Cream, with the result that my back is now just about healed. The hospital were mightily impressed with the healing and the texture of the new skin, and have asked for information about the cream Regards Bob Pugh.

Q10 a book by Dr Knut T. Flytlie. This book and many others like it by leading doctors and Scientists talk about Antioxidants and the benefits of them helping with many illnesses like Cancer, Arthritis, Thrombosis, MS, etc .

Repairing and boosting the body’s own immune system is paramount to recovery and prevention. They say Antioxidants fight the free radicals which destroy the body’s healthy cells and can protect the body against many diseases.

So what are these great antioxidants?

Well mostly anything natural like plants and of course our products are full of all natural plants also we know that 60% of things put on your skin go into the body.

Therefore… It does not need a rocket scientist to work out why our products can’t harm you because there free of the harsh chemicals... but think of all the great naturals that are going into your skin and then your body daily from our products!

What the doctors don’t know.

After spending 2 days talking to doctor’s, surgeons and even dermatologist at the anaesthetic medicine conference all weekend, I came away surprised how much they don’t know about ingredients and skin. Most of them are not sure what an antioxidant was!Or were surprised to here that paraffin was bad for the skin!

Also when looking at their skin, the one's who were in the industry they had the most prematurely aged and damaged skin I have ever seen!

Not only that! the procedures they were there to talk about could all be relieved and prevented by using really natural products. Out of 200 stands there we were the only one with natural products. No wonder the public have problems with there skin with all the petro-chemical products they push on the unknowing public.

If you use a 90% petro-chemical products with say a 5 % natural content then you’re using petro chemicals on your skin, the 5% is all but cancelled out and the 5% will have no chance in making any difference.

With our products which are 99% natural then you have almost the maximum anti-ageing benefit because the more natural the more antioxidants.

So great anti-ageing benefits that’s the fact of our ingredients. That’s why our products work better than any others, combine that with all the vitamins in them and the super plants like seaweed and asparagus plus the vital oils, then no wonder we are the elixir of anti-ageing, not all that cosmetic surgery, botox and hyper chemicals.

If after seeing 2000 people who sell the best in super treatments, I have to say there are all looking really the worse for it, unlike us who have great, super fresh, healthy, youthful skin. Our little stand was a oasis, a beacon shining out in a sea of petro-chemicals and boy did we look good for our age compared to them.

By John Hamilton, Cosmetologist. to find out more about these great products.