Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hairspray may not be harmful to the male foetus, scientist claims

By Sara McCorquodale

Baby boys born to mothers exposed to hairspray may not have a higher risk of having a genital defect, the leader of an alarming study published this week has said.

Research revealed working regularly in an atmosphere where the styling product was used frequently while pregnant could lead to hypospadias, it was reported.

However, Professor Paul Elliot who commandeered the study has clarified the chemical they believed to be harmful to male foetuses has not been used in the product since 2005, due to amended European Union regulations.

The Imperial College scientist, along with his team, found evidence suggesting phthalates could lead to the condition which results in the urinary tract being positioned away from the tips of the glans of the penis.

In the study, 471 women who gave birth to babies with hypospadias between 1997 and 1998 were interviewed alongside a group of the same number who gave birth to children without the defect.

Approximately double in the former set revealed they had been exposed to hairspray during their pregnancy.

While the chemical thought to be harmful is not in the product anymore, Professor Elliot still advises pregnant women to stay away from the aerosol styler.

He said: “We need to understand more about the chemicals in this product. For that reason, I would still say it is probably wise for expectant mothers to minimise their exposure to the product, particularly in early pregnancy. It is just part of maintaining good health while pregnant.

The EU regulations mean the phthalates we have concerns about have been removed from the product but I still believe protection should be taken.”

Habia’s health and safety department advises managers of salons using hairspray to undertake risk assessments for pregnant staff on site.

Source: Professional Beauty 28 Nov

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