Monday, February 25, 2008

What to use and when!

Your skin can be under siege with problems many which cause
premature ageing, lines, wrinkles and dry skin.

Want to be free of them then use the super 7 ranges which are free from chemicals and will leave you looking fresh and youthful.

1. First use a face mask once a month this deeply cleans the pores for the whole benefits of natural ingredients to hit the spot and we are talking lower dermas not just the top layers as they need a clean path i.e. no blocked pores. Most face masks are nothing but chemicals sitting on the surface and even the ones that solidify to peal off really do nothing at all and even cause damage by pulling out hairs which grow back stronger... attractive !

Not ours it goes very deep pulling out all the ingrained dirt and oil etc
Remember to wash off with warm to hot water.

2. Scrub and exfoliate every few days in the shower to take the old dead skin cells off this is a must do to keep the skin fresh

3. Cleanser, tone or face wash. If you’re a wash and go person, then face washes are your best bet especially if you have oily or oily t zone even combination skin. Every night take that make up off and let you skin breath, if you have dry skin use a cleanser and toner,it keeps the skin more moisturised.

4. Facial theres facial oil and then theirs ours which is out of this world. You have a choice of four in the anti ageing area page, pick the one that you feel you skin needs.

Why so good? Well there unadulterated and that’s means the very very best.
Simply most facial oils are second grade and the best are so expensive.
Well now you can have your cake and eat it. The best oils at the best prices.

5. Moisturisers. Well you have a choice either the ones for your skin type or the day serum in the anti ageing area. Whichever you choose you are getting a product superior to any others on the market.

Proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and anti-toxins like any good partnership each brings its own benefits to the fight, combine the facial oil with the moisturiser and you get fantastic effects because your trapping everything that the skin needs and simply do not get from a dove, elemis, dermalogia or any other brand product.

Always use a little of our facial oil under your moisturiser and your skin will be beautiful especially if you do use the above products as well

6 Body lotions. Your body is not detached from your head so keeping you whole body in tip top condition is paramount to feeling healthy and being youthful. So always use a non chemical shower gel… we have many! and after apply the seaweed body lotion even after sunbathing and sun beds if you must go on them; because what’s seaweed got? Well let’s say it the best health ingredient that your body will come in contact with, even a cancer prevention as far as the far East is concerned, this is combined with asparagus the best dissolver of toxins for your body and not just one but 5 vitamins ABCDE .No wonder we call it the best body lotion in the world.

7. Hair Products. If you are looking after everything else then don’t forget your hair. Our shampoos will not dry,dilute, colour or thin hair in fact it will help them because there’s no harsh chemicals so you hair will look natural and soft and youthful.

So now you can be free from all the harsh chemicals but are using only super natural ingredients

Protecting you and caring for you. to read about these products.

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